Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal
Sukkertoppen, 314m

Colleagues in Trollråsa, Sep 18 2008

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Scrambling up Trollråsa

Scrambling up Trollråsa
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A while ago, I promised that I would take some of the girls from the Rolls-Royce Shared Service Centre (SSC) up Trollråsa. On this Thursday afternoon, the trip was on. I had been promised a bunch of girls, but only Marit, June, Mariann and Inger showed up. Oh well, it's the others' loss. Trollråsa, I mean..

As I had expected a bunch of girls, I assumed that statistically, at least one might be a little uncomfortable on the most exposed section. So I decided to set up a fixed rope. I went up the normal route before the girls arrived, headed down Trollråsa, anchored the rope, and met the girls at Hessa Stadion.

None of these girls were in a great need for a rope. But at a very exposed slab section, I asked the girls to hold on to it. These girls work with important stuff, such as our salary and our travel expenses, and I couldn't risk losing any of them. I would be the company's most hated person..

The fun thing about guiding this group was their immediate response to the route and the scenery. They were not just being nice to their guide. They enjoyed it a lot. And not all of them had been on Sukkertoppen, either.

After signing the Trollråsa visitor register, it was time for rock scrambling. The view down gets gradually more and more intense, and I hope the girls now understand why I spend so much time here. They were all fully acclimated by now, and scrambled like they'd never scrambled before. On top of the Trollråsa trail, we met Terje, who had signed the visitor register for the 106'th time. A true Trollråsa patriot.

The wind was bearing towards light gale when we headed towards the summit. And light rain had come upon us. But it settled when we reached the (crowded) top, and we had a dry and enjoyable walk down to the trailhead by Hessa school. It was fun being a guide. It was almost 4 years since I guided another Rolls-Royce group to Brøknipa on Osterøy. Perhaps I can make a living from this. In any case, I'll pay extra attention when next month's salary comes in...

The Trollråsa route

The Trollråsa route 
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To the mailbox 

1. Early morning 2. Entering Trollråsa 3. Entering Trollråsa 4. Hold on to .. something 5. In the forest section 6. In the forest section 7. To -the tree- 8. An exposed hillside 9. Towards the slab section 10. Inger collecting hardware 11. Marit passing the slab section 12. June passing the slab section 13. Mariann passing the slab section 14. Inger passing the slab section 15. Still in steep terrain 16. On more gentle ground 17. Marit entering the west ridge 18. Entering the west ridge 19. Below the mailbox

From the mailbox and up 

20. At the mailbox 21. At the mailbox 22. Marit scrambles up from the mailbox 23. Mariann follows 24. Airy, but FUN 25. Elegance is the challenge in this section 26. No exposure. Just fun scrambling 27. The final section 28. Trollråsa congestion 29. The Trollråsa route has been done in style

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