Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal
Sukkertoppen, 314m

Realstjerna (The "Real Star"), Nov 29 2008

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A star is born

A star is born
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4pm, Nov 29 2008, Realstjerna was lit. This was a big Ålesund happening, and 200-300 people (many children!)found their way up the mountain. Gutteklubben Real Hessa is the force behind this new landmark on Sukkertoppen, and their road to success was seemingly long and winding. But their dream came true in the end, and it was proud men that could finally light the star. The translation to "Real Star" is of course an unavoidable joke.

There were speeches, music and a choir. A sea of torches. And the local press, of course. Watch Sunnmørsposten's article and video here. Afterwards, fireworks lit up the sky above Ålesund.


Fireworks (composited) 
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On a personal note, this was my last "official" hike to Sukkertoppen. Having moved to Gurskøya 4 days earlier, my regular evening hikes to Sukkertoppen have come to an end. It's been 231 unforgettable walks, scrambles and climbs since 2006. I'll miss Trollråsa, naturally. Especially in winter, after dark. It's quite something to be all alone up on this steep face, and in total darkness. I'll be back, of course. Sukkertoppen is a true friend, and we don't forget about our friends..



Poor quality because of handheld camera with little or no daylight...

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To the star 

1. Sukkertoppen caravan 2. Is the whole city up here? 3. View down the trail 4. The star 5. Realstjerna 6. Waiting for the event to begin

Visiting the top, while waiting for the event 

7. Towards the top 8. Ålesund view from Sukkertoppen 9. Coastal view from Sukkertoppen 10. Nice horizon colors

The opening 

11. It is getting darker and darker 12. Speeches 13. Patience 14. Buddy Olav 15. The speech is almost over 16. Countdown 17. And then there was light 18. The crowd goes hey-ho... 19. The choir 20. Another Sukkertoppen -moment- 21. Mountain music 22. Side view 23. Now, time for fireworks 24. Fireworks 25. Fireworks 26. Fireworks 27. Fireworks

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