Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Sukkertoppen, 314m

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Bush scramling, Mar 16 2006

I wanted to get to know this cool top a bit better, and walked to the west side of the mountain. It looked doable, but it was incredibly steep. You could easily fall of the mountain at any given point, and I decided to approach this mountain from the top, later on in the season. It would feel better to have some safety devices in place when exploring this ridge.

Instead, I parked at Hessa Barnehage and headed up a distinct gully, which had its moments. After an easy boulderfield, there was some easy scrambling. Then the gully hit me in my chest, and I had only bush and rotten rock to hold on to. My ice-axe came in VERY handy, and was more reliable, plowed into the ground, than bush. Once above the gully, the rest was easy, although the juniper jungle was agonising.

It took me half an hour up the hillside, and I reached the top just after 18:00PM. I then headed down to 200m elevation on the west ridge, before it got way too airy. But I found a route down to the next ledge, and I plan to take it from there on, some other time.

On the way down, I took a shortcut and followed the forest line down to the road. It got a bit steep at the end, and I had move into the forest to avoid the cliffs above the houses. All in all, a useful tour of this nice coastal mountain.


The west ridge

1. The southwest side (207KB) 2. The west side (262KB) 3. The northwest side (372KB) 4. Northwest side details (318KB) 5. The trail on the west side of the island (258KB)

Ascent, further east

6. My ascent route (345KB) 7. In the gully (344kB) 8. In the gully (323KB) 9. In the gully (391KB) 10. Steep hillside (242KB) 11. In the gully (396KB) 12. The remaining route (240KB) 13. View down (336KB) 14. Scrambling options (267KB)

Summit ridge and summit

15. Joining the trail (242KB) 16. Ålesund (209KB) 17. My trailhead (342KB) 18. View down the west ridge (362KB) 19. Skopphornet (154KB) 20. My descent route (310KB)

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