Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Sukkertoppen west ridge, Jun 23 2006

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The purpose of this trip was to mark the route up to the west ridge. I'm not sure why I decided to do so, but this is such an enjoyable route, and it would be fun if others discover it too. Of course, there is the fear about someone attemping to follow a route that is above their skill-level, but at the end of the day, people are responsbile for their own actions.

I marked the lower route (up to the ridge) with red ribbons and put a few rocks in place along the ridge. The intention was never to guide people all the way, but to put out occasional helpful markers, should you need them.

As mentioned, I find the route extremely enjoyable. It is a technically easy route, but it has exposure and it's quite cool to sit and look at the birds *below* you. On this particular scramble, I got to know alternative sections quite well, and I climbed up a cliff section that I didn't have the guts to downclimb on my first hike.

I reached the top 19:30PM and had a great view towards the many mid-summer evening fires in the Ålesund region. I went down the same way and attempted "Tyskerstien" - a route that begins as a steep and narrow gully. Due to very slippery rock, I decided to abort and come back when the rock is dry.

I decided to name the west ridge route - "Trollråsa" - after my dog "Troll". He has certainly done enough mountaineering in his lifetime to earn a route to be named after him. "Råsa" is dialect for a path. Of course, should I learn that there is an existing name of this route, I will put the name up on this web-site.


Map: I followed the green route on this trip

0. The west ridge (green route)

The grassy slopes up to the ridge

1. The lower section (334KB) 2. View down (312KB) 3. View down (326KB) 4. Traversing the grassy slope (321KB) 5. A distinct passage (347KB) 6. View down (362KB) 7. If you see this cliff, you are on the right course (340KB) 8. View down (377KB)

On the west ridge, lower section

9. The ridge is becoming more challenging (225KB) 10. The trailhead (341KB) 11. Follow the gully to the right (398KB) 12. Either climb this cliff - or ... (258KB) 13. ... take the long way around (389KB)

On the west ridge, upper section

14. The upper cliffband (241KB) 15. View down (393KB) 16. Climb this gully or on boulder further right (213KB) 17. The boulder route seen from above (359KB) 18. This rock marks the end of the scramble (216KB) 19. The same rock seen from above (206KB)

Views from the top

20. Mid-summer evening view from Sukkertoppen (330KB) 21. Spotlight (129KB)

Views from below

22. The west ridge (279KB) 23. The west ridge (236KB) 24. The west ridge (236KB) 25. WW2 history (288KB) 26. Tyskerstien (338KB)

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