Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Sukkertoppen west ridge, July 10 2006

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My colleague Olav Lillebø joined me for the "official" opening of the "Trollråsa" route. On the agenda was also marking a branch route ("Tusseråsa"). I had bought a brand new mailbox and a logbook that we aimed to place half-way up the mountainside. As news travel, we expect more and more eager hikers to try this route. It will be fun to see if we "get mail".

Olav lives just below Sukkertoppen and found the new routes interesting. One can get pretty bored from the standard route, year in and year out. We headed upwards on this sunny afternoon and made a spot for the mailbox, just below the lower cliffband. The idea was that the mailbox should be seen both on the way up and down, and it should have some shelter from the southwestern weather. I wasn't 100% happy with the final location, but we were content enough when we signed the logbook.

We scrambled up the cliffband, and Olav became familar with the Ikke den veien route. Another colleague, Terje Bergset, climbed this section on first attempt, while I psyched out. But July 7 2007, I came back along and climbed this route up and down. All it takes is a little acclimation. Olav, an able scrambler, seemed like he would make it on first attempt, but like me, he decided to come back at spend some more time with this section. Knowing Olav, it won't take long..

We followed the north side and marked an alternative route (blue ribbons) up to the top. I found this route much easier, but Olav, more happy on rock than in steep and slippery grass, didn't quite agree. We reached Sukkertoppen 18:10PM, and people were coming and going. As such, it felt good to have half the mountain "all to ourselves".

We descended the red ribbon route and climbed some more in the lower cliffband before we headed back down. Another fun evening on Sukkertoppen, and the hours go fast!


The routes (roughly outlined)

0. The routes (293KB)

Along the red ribbon route

1. Olav passing -the tree- (335KB) 2. The aquarium (341KB) 3. Olav leads on (425KB) 4. Hey! Not that way (298KB) 5. It is important to take in the views (344KB) 6. Airy route (344KB)

A memorable moment

7. A memorable moment (388KB)

Scrambling on the lower cliffband

8. Scrambling the lower cliffband (327KB) 9. Olav on the <i>Ikke den veien</i> pitch (362KB)

Along the blue ribbon route

10. Marking the route (258KB) 11. Better not fall here (424KB) 12. Topping out on the west ridge (196KB)

Sukkertoppen summit

13. On Sukkertoppen (224KB) 14. Ålesund (269KB) 15. Olav signing in. Again. (118KB)


16. The rock-with-the-hole-under (318KB) 17. Parts of the route have bush! (278KB) 18. More scrambling (238KB) 19. The lower cliffband (314KB) 20. Olav doing more research (252KB) 21. I can hear Olav thinking.. (350KB) 22. Buttless seagull (65KB)

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