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Sulafjellet from Mauseid, Dec 28 2005

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The day before I had visited Storhornet on Godøya - the Giske kommune high point. Today, I headed to Sula to "conquer" the Sula kommune high point - Sulafjellet, aka Tverrfjellet, aka Vardane. The weather was still stunning and I looked forward to a ski-trip.

I had been informed that Mauseid would be a good place to start, and by 09:50AM, the dog ("Troll") and I was heading out from Mauseid. We followed a forest road up to Rollonhytta, and so far it had been skiing on ice. This route is obviously popular, because Troll was running back and forth across the forest road, taking in the "recent history". He completely forgot that he is an old and very stubborn dog, and didn't sit down with the sole purpose of annoying me to death.

At Rollonhytta, the skiing conditions improved. I was the first one on the mountain today, and as the sun rose, skiing got increasingly more fun. The temperature was -4 deg. C. down at the trailhead, and I suspected it was closer to -10 on top. Adding the wind into the picture, the chill factor was very notable. It was freezing cold on top, and for once, the dog didn't touch the lunch-box. He just made it very clear that he wanted to get off this mountain.

We had arrived the summit 12:10PM and left soon after. The views from the top were absolutely sensational, and I took as many pictures as I could before I decided to follow the dog, who was now on the way down the mountain. I caught up with him and put him in the backpack. I wanted to let the skis flow nicely on the way down. I took a slightly different route down the mountain (which was the normal ascent route) and passed two skiers on the way top, before I ran into more people down at Rollonhytta.

With the dog's head sticking out of the backpack, I felt I was being stared at. So I let him out. We passed an increasing number of people on the way to Rollonhytta. I was trying to ski down the icy forest road without looking too much like a fool. There was a small section where there was only gravel. While Troll followed the road, I took a short detour in the forest, only to learn that I had no control over my skis on this icy crust. Things now happened quickly, but it felt like slow motion;

I fell backwards, and the ski on my right foot went up and pushed a huge and very evil juniper branch, turning into a bow in full tension. I remember thinking that I hoped I was on the ground before this branch came back in full speed, but the branch hit me in the face a fraction of a section later. This was not a silly slap in the face. There was blood around me in the snow, and it felt like a lip surgery that had gone bad.

Back on my feet, I stuck with the forest road all the way down. We were back at the car 12:55PM, and a short, but very eventful ski-trip was now over. This was my second mountain in the Ålesund region, on my second day as a citizien of this city, and I already looked forward to my next hike.

Pictures from the Dec 28 2005 hike

Map: I followed route 1.1 on this trip

0. Route 1.1 from Mauseid

To Vardane

1. On the forest road to Rollonhytta (181KB) 2. No chances of getting lost (272KB) 3. The long and winding(?) road (227KB) 4. Passing the first cabin (161KB) 5. Trail map (218KB) 6. The mountain comes into view (136KB) 7. Rollonhytta (289KB) 8. On the way to Vardane (168KB) 9. Shadows (156KB) 10. Shadows (255KB) 11. Troll on the way to Vardane (197KB) 12. It was just a great day (240KB) 13. Troll approaching the summit (207KB) 14. Vardane - the cairns (202KB) 15. The main cairn (130KB)

Views from Sulafjellet

16. Wide angle panorama from Sulafjellet 1/2 (646KB) 17. Wide angle panorama from Sulafjellet 2/2 (613KB) 18. 50mm panorama from Sulafjellet (501KB) 19. 50mm panorama from Sulafjellet (404KB) 20. 50mm panorama from Sulafjellet (583KB) 21. Storhornet seen from Sulafjellet (352KB) 22. Ålesund zoomed in from Sulafjellet (869KB) 23. Aksla zoomed in from Sulafjellet (795KB) 24. Melshornet (Hareid) zoomed in from Sulafjellet (229KB) 25. Skolma (Hareid) zoomed in from Sulafjellet (121KB) 26. Saudehornet zoomed in from Sulafjallet (140KB) 27. Jønshornet - Kolåstinden seen from Sulafjellet (294KB) 28. Sunnmørsalper seen from Sulafjellet (207KB) 29. Blåskjerdingen zoomed in from Sulafjellet (152KB)


30. Descending Sulafjellet (187KB) 31. Looking back up the mountain (269KB) 32. Mauseid trailhead (357KB)

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