Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Sulafjellet on skis, from Langevågen, after dark, Jan 24 2007

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This was the seasons first ski-trip. About high time. Enough snow had fallen, and since we have to work for a living in the day-time, one has to bring the headlamp.

I decided to take this trip on my own, leaving the dog back home. I started out 17:00PM, and for some stupid reason, decided to follow the pipeline route until it crossed the tractor road. I should have taken the tractor road from the trailhead. The terrain was steep and the (powder) snow was deep. This was quite a struggle.

Once I reached the crossing tractor road, halfway up to Vonhytta, I followed it upwards. From Vonhytta, there were ski-tracks leading up the mountain. I caught up with another skier, and we arrived the summit together, 18:30PM.

It was quite chilly on top, but I was well dressed. However, I don't seem to fix the glove problem. Given proper gloves, there is no problem keeping the fingers warm, but then I can't do precision things like changing batteries or taking pictures. The thin gloves I had brought for the summit stay made my fingers numb. And that's all it takes before the summit stay gets unpleasant. And short. A third skier arrived from the east, but he was busy with his cellular phone, so we never got around chatting with him.

The summit section of Sulafjellet had a mix of ice and wind-born snow. Certainly not skiing terrain. But once back down on 650m elevation, the skiing conditions were quite good. My headlamp gave poor visibility ahead, so I had to take it a bit easy. Once back on the tractor road at Vonhytta, I let ski-tracks conveniently bring me down to the trailhead, which I reached 19:30PM.

It was -13,5 deg. C. at the trailhead, but I was quite warm. Back in Ålesund, the temperature had dropped to -6,5 deg. C. Quite a variation from such a short distance.

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