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Sulafjellet x 2, Mar 26 & 27 2008

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Mar 26 2008

The sun came and brought light and colors to the last (hopefully) snowfall this spring. The weather was cold and the skiing conditions in the slopes facing east and north were first class. Arngeir and I headed for Sulafjellet on this sunny afternoon to enjoy powder snow. Well, technically it isn't real powder snow, but we'd like to call it just that.


A magnificent day on Sula

A magnificent day on Sula (Click for larger image)

We left the Eikrem trail head 16:10PM and kept a steady pace upwards. I had a desire to ski without skins, but the temperature in the snow wouldn't allow for that. Skiing the long forest up to Rollonhytta with skins ain't fun. But - looking at the bright side - the snow on the forest road was hard and as soon as we had enjoyed the powder snow on the mountain, we were in for a fast and jolly ride down the road.

We arrived the top of Sulafjellet 17:50PM. The wind was cold, but that didn't prevent a - fairly - large number of skiers to come up here in the afternoon. The snow held perfect quality all the way to the top. This is what all afternoons should be like!

Upon descent, we chose a slope that didn't give us the best speed. All of the fresh snow reduced speed, but it was still very much enjoyable. My favorite was descending the forest road. High speed (but controlled - in respect to other skiers and hikers of course) and fun, fun fun.

Mar 27 2008

I just had to get back up there. I called Svein and told him that the conditions were outstanding. The skier in him couldn't resist checking out the mountain, so 16:20PM, we were on our way from Eikrem. The snow quality was just as good as it was the day before and Svein didn't seem to regret spending 2,5 hours on this trip.

We reached the top 18:05PM. It was more cloudy - and thus, warmer - than the day before. And not many skiers could be seen on the mountain. It seemed that most of them got what they wanted the day before. And what a loss to those who thought about going, but didn't.

A Sula moment

A Sula moment (Click for larger image)


Svein and I chose a steeper descent route than the one I skied the day before. Better speed and better views. I really don't have skis for deep powder snow, but did the best I could. And I wouldn't let technical issues spoil a fraction of the fun. And, again, my favorite part of the descent was the forest road. 

On the next day, I seriously considered back up again but decided to spend quality time with the dog. And then the snow began to melt. It had been two memorable evenings in the nick of time.  

Svein's trip report on can be read here.


The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 300D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6


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Mar 26 2008: To Sulafjellet

1. Eikrem trail head 2. A wooden gate 3. Thinking of a song by U2 4. Tracks in the snow 5. Sulafjellet ahead 6. On the way up the mountain 7. St. Arngeir 8. Beautiful landscape 9. On top of Sulafjellet

Mar 26 2008: Panoramas from Sulafjellet

10. Wide-angle view from Sulafjellet 11. Panorama from Sulafjellet 12. Panorama from Sulafjellet

Mar 26 2008: Descent

13. Arngeir descending Sulafjellet 14. Arngeir descending Sulafjellet 15. Skiers on their way up 16. Arngeir descending Sulafjellet 17. Arngeir descending Sulafjellet 18. Arnt descending Sulafjellet

Mar 27 2008:

19. Walking the dog on Aksla 20. Svein arriving Sulafjellet 21. Wide-angle view from Sulafjellet 22. The disaster site 23. Svein descending Sulafjellet 24. Svein descending Sulafjellet 25. Svein descending Sulafjellet 26. Arnt descending Sulafjellet 27. Sykkylven tops reflecting in the water 28. A nice sunset

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