Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Svanshornet from Ingeskogen, May 29 2006

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I wasn't really in hiking "mode", but the dog needed excercise (or at least I assumed he did) and decided to explore the ridge route to Svanshornet. I had been thinking about this trip for a while, and it was just as well to get on with it.

Using the GPS, I ended up by some houses. I didn't see any path, so I rang the closest doorbell. They pointed out the path for me, told me to cross a creek and "continue up the forest". I parked by the mailboxes (see description for route 3.1 on the main Sulafjellet page), and headed out 18:10PM. This would be a long hike, and I put the dog in the backpack. I would let him out above the forest, and he would walk all the way down.

I crossed the creek and found a path heading "up the forest". When I reached Lake Svartevatnet, I had to check the GPS. I couldn't remember anything about a lake on the way upwards. The tracks showed that I hadn't followed the path on the map. I descended back to the creek and accepted the "loss" of 40 vertical meters. I didn't see any other path, so I decided to head into the forest, and traverse systematically back and forth until I found it. It was obvious that the map was wrong here. After close to 600m of wandering about in the forest, I found the path. It was evident that there was a path from the lake to the path I now had stumbled upon. Oh well...

The route upwards was enjoyable. The path was more nature's own trail rather than a man-made one. Having lost time down in the forest, I kept Troll in the backpack and walked rather quick up the forest. When I reached Purketjønna, I let him out. We reached Svanshornet 19:20PM. It was a cloudy and grey afternoon, and I hoped it wouldn't start raining. I decided to follow the same path back down, and after following the correct path down in the forest, we were back at the car 20:15PM

Pictures from the May 29 2006 hike

Map: I followed route 3.1 on this trip

0. Route 3.1 from Ingeskogen

1. In the forest, looking for a path (278KB) 2. On the forest path (282KB) 3. About to cross this meadow (239KB) 4. View from cabins at 290m (175KB) 5. View from cabins at 290m (217KB) 6. Purketjønna (239KB) 7. Arriving Svanshornet (179KB) 8. View from Svanshornet (548KB) 9. Molværsvatnet (216KB) 10. Back at the trailhead (344KB) 11. Runde seen on the way home to Ålesund (115KB)

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