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Sundsnipa (639m) from Eikrem, June 24 2006

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Sundsnipa is one of the many fine viewpoints on the Sulafjellet massif. The viewpoint also goes under the name Sulesundnipa, and it is located 639m above Sulesund, where the ferry runs towards Hareidlandet.

Sundsnipa (just right of Sulabakkhornet)

Sundsnipa (just right of Sulabakkhornet)

This trip was an OK solution when I had to fit a hike in-between a mid-summer evening hangover and an important world cup soccer game. The weather was not to be trusted, and it looked like it would rain any second. My dog "Troll" and I left the Eikrem trailhead 14:35PM. I had never followed this route before, and was curious about the "road ahead".

After crossing Storelva river, the forest road (tractor road) ended, and I ran into a trail junction. Of course, none of the names on the trailsigns meant anything to me, since they were local names and not found on any maps. Instead of following the "motorway trail", I followed a vague path marked by yellow "T's" on trees. This route led me to yet another trail junction. Again, none of the names made any sense to me. This time, I decided to follow the route marked with sticks.

Either this path would take me OFF the mountain, or it would be a major detour. I finally decided to leave this path and head off-trail towards Skallen. I had been carrying Troll in my backpack since we crossed Storelva, but now it was time to let him walk again. We reached Sundsnipa 16:10PM. A very cool viewpoint, indeed.

More interesting was a viewpoint that I just refer to as "extra bonus". This is a rocky ridge that drops steep down towards Sulesund. It isn't difficult to get on this ridge, but you should not fall here. After investigating the nearby small tops, we headed back down. I put Troll in the backpack and took a shortcut down to the "yellow path" and retraced my footsteps down to Storelva, where Troll resumed walking.

Along the "yellow path", I scared off a Capercailzie ("R°y" in Norwegian) with 6-7 chicken. The chicken flew away in a perfect formation while the mom did what grouse do when their chicken are in danger. My primary concern was to avoid breaking up this party, but because of the mom's act, I let her do her job and lead me in the direction she wanted. Once done, she sat on a branch and watched me leave the area.

We began the descent 16:25PM and were back at the trailhead 17:25PM.

Pictures from the June 24 2006 hike

Map: We followed route 5.1 on this trip

0. Route 5.1 from Eikrem

To Sundsnipa

1. Fest°ykollen (126KB) 2. Eikrem trailhead (after the hike) (264KB) 3. On the Eikrem - Mauseid forest road (357KB) 4. On the road to Storelva (378KB) 5. Crossing Storelva (416KB) 6. Trail junction after Storelva. I went to the right (415KB) 7. Skallel°upa. Go left and then off-trail (337KB) 8. On the way to Skallen (202KB) 9. Sulafjellet high point to the right (178KB) 10. Approaching Sundsnipa (156KB)

On Sundsnipa

11. The nearby humps (248KB) 12. Partial view from Sundsnipa (235KB) 13. Impressive rock (227KB)

The "Extra bonus" ridge

14. Climb up in front or to the left (300KB) 15. View from the top (372KB) 16. Troll was not invited up here (321KB) 17. Side view (262KB)

Other Sundsnipa pics

18. Sundsnipa (284KB) 19. R°ysahornet (352KB) 20. Farms we passed on our Sulabakkhornet hike (185KB) 21. Ferry arriving Sulesund (90KB) 22. Sulesund (189KB)


23. Rollonhytta (183KB) 24. Maintenance work on Skallen (282KB) 25. Dead forest. Results of the 1992 hurricane? (275KB) 26. Big forest bird (248KB) 27. Big forest bird (269KB)

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