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Around Sula in boat + Flisnesholmen, July 5 2006

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On this gorgeous evening, I fell for the temptation to join Terje Bergset on a boat-trip around Sula island, opposed to hiking yet-another-mountain. Some will say I've gone soft, and maybe I have. In any case, it was a great trip with lots of scenic stuff. The pictures are presented in the order they were taken.

We headed out from Vegsundet, and followed Sula's north coast to Eltraneset (the northwest tip). We noticed a "cool" route up to the mountain and decided to come back for it later. We had brought hiking gear, but chose not to go on-shore due to the waves. We continued around the south side and watched kayakers, sunbathers, birds, boats, mountains, waves - the lot.

As we passed Flisnesholmen, Terje decided that I should go visit the high point (was I trembling or something?) on the island. A couple of nice girls (they arrived the island in a canoo) waved at us when we passed, but took off when I entered the island (I was a 150m away). Such events are never good for the self-esteem, but I was here to claim a high point, not a girl. My blessing goes to Terje for this unselfish act. Or was it just to get an opportunity to fish for a few minutes? He knows I hate fishing. The height of Flisnesholmen high point is unclear. There is a 30m contour on Økonomisk Kartverk, so I interpolated it to 32m. That's not breathtaking high, but at least its primary factor outperforms many of the Jotunheimen tops.

The trip took just over two hours and it was nothing but a good time. I learned that my dog "Troll" actually handles a longer boat-trip without throwing up. It took me 13 years to learn this useful piece of information. Later in the summer, I have been promised a trip up and down Hjørundfjorden by colleague Bjørn Tore. After this nice trip, I'll make sure BT stays true to his word.

Pictures from the July 5 boat-trip

NOTE: Pictures were taken from a moving boat and there are several out-of-focus shots.

North shore

1. Map of the trip (411KB) 2. Troll does not look happy (125KB) 3. Skopphornet (Sykkylven) (129KB) 4. Leirvågfjellet on Sula (189KB) 5. Troll has found peace (149KB) 6. Captain Terje (144KB) 7. Passing Svanshornet (185KB) 8. Passing Sulafjellet high point (247KB) 9. Eltraneset in the distance (134KB) 10. Passing Langevågen (188KB) 11. Kjellingsethornet (213KB) 12. Aksla in Ålesund (239KB) 13. Sukkertoppen (140KB) 14. Sukkertoppen west ridge (210KB) 15. The north shore (225KB)


16. The northwest tip of Sula (319KB) 17. Godøya (147KB) 18. Some cool routes up here (240KB) 19. Skolma on Hareidlandet (113KB) 20. Seagulls (344KB) 21. FMV: Fast Moving Vehicle (154KB) 22. A fine profile (207KB) 23. Waves and seagulls (262KB) 24. Waves and seagulls (215KB) 25. Cliffs on Sula (311KB)

South shore

26. Saudehornet in Ørsta (103KB) 27. South side ridges (233KB) 28. Incoming seagull (83KB) 29. Landslide (308KB) 30. South side ridges (307KB) 31. South side ridges (256KB) 32. Jønshornet (145KB) 33. Sulabakkhornet (254KB) 34. Klovetinden and Masdalshornet (180KB) 35. Cool sky (92KB) 36. Oystercatcher (267KB) 37. Kayakers (297KB) 38. Big rock near Sulesund (295KB) 39. Big rock near Sulesund (248KB) 40. Heron (218KB) 41. Dominating viewpoint (287KB) 42. Crags above Sulesund (262KB) 43. The Hareid-Sulesund ferry (100KB)

Solavågen & Vågane

44. Solåvågen - Festøya ferry (162KB) 45. Hundatinden and Sunnavindsnipa (184KB) 46. Sylvkallen, Langenestinden and Molladalstindane (145KB) 47. On Flisnesholmen (245KB) 48. Taxi? (209KB) 49. Blindheimsfjellet/Emblemsfjellet (170KB) 50. Sylvkallen and Langenestinden (125KB) 51. Leaving Flisnesholmen (176KB) 52. Vegsundet (157KB)

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