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Sulafjellet from Langevågen, after dark, Nov 22 2006

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My colleague Terje suggested an evening trip to Sulafjellet, and after considerable effort, we manage to persuade our very RELUCTANT colleague Erlend to come along. 4th on the team would be my dog "Troll", still sore and a bit "down" after a serious "service" at the Vet the day before.

Imagine - you get a double dose of sedatives, you have a tumor (of the "good" sort) removed from inside your mouth, a tooth is pulled, you get castrated from a hormon shot in order to reduce the size of your prostate, which is also in the wrong position, and now pushed back , your ear is flushed because of dirt which have made you almost deaf, and you've been shaved due to blood-samples (needles). And more .... Then you wake up from a good dose of - "uppers". All within 1,5 hours.

Now, how do you feel?

I'll never forget the dog's face when he became conscious. He didn't know if he was to tremble or scream first, so he did both. He went in circles for about an hour, dragging his butt, and I don't think I've ever felt more sorry for anyone.

And the day after, he was on his way to Sulafjellet after-dark, the day before his 13th birthday, and almost as good as new. "Services" do pay off.

We left the trailhead in Langevågen approx. 17:00PM, and had a very nice hike up to the summit, which we reached 18:30PM. A "million" lights lit up the Ålesund - Spjelkavik region, and above, there were stars. Only the full moon was missing. On top of it all, there was no wind on the summit. How often does THAT happen on Sulafjellet?

A bit cold, though. Perhaps -4 deg. C. on the top. Cold, compared to the extremely warm November. The snow in the final hill was hard, but we used old footprints as steps. A fall in this hill, on icy snow, is no fun whatsoever.

We left the summit approx. 18:50PM, and followed the same route back down. The descent took about an hour, and Erlend was clearly satisfied about his decision to come along.

Pictures from the Nov 22 hike

My Sigma 18-200mm objective is clearly not well suited for long-distance pictures after dark, OR - I have no clue how to use it.

1. The guys on the summit (298KB) 2. The guys on the summit (287KB) 3. Ålesund view (423KB) 4. Moa - Spjelkavik view (348KB)

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