Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Synesfjellet (Synnesfjellet, Ramedalshornet), 89m, July 26 2006

Synesfjellet (right) seen from Molnesfjellet

Synesfjellet (right) seen from Molnesfjellet

No, I haven't gone soft or lazy. I don't consider Synesfjellet a -mountain-, and thus, I am not producing a normal mountain page either. But Synesfjellet offers a nice hike, although you may find yourself parking ON TOP of the hill before you start walking. Synesfjellet is also an ideal place for the local planespotters.

Check out the map below, drive to the top and walk on a path 1,3Km westbound to the Brimneset cairn. Bring along a camera. You never know what turns up. That's what I did. I was just out to walk the dog and see a new place. For the first time, the dog refused to walk -downhill-. He's smart, though. He knew the car was in the opposite direction. I finally got him going and -almost- reached the cairn. A small herd of horses were occupying the territory, and I decided to leave them alone.

Pictures from the hike

1. Map (282KB) 2. Outgoing .. (76KB) 3. Rose (?) on top of Synesfjellet (199KB) 4. Sukkertoppen seen from Synesfjellet (192KB) 5. Erkna Fyr (122KB) 6. East/southeast view from Synesfjellet (516KB) 7. Troll refusing to walk (273KB) 8. Goaldet on Løvsøya (787KB) 9. Storholmen Fyr (lighthouse) (278KB) 10. Brimneset cairn (435KB) 11. Synesfjellet (415KB) 12. Godøya (748KB) 13. Storholmen Fyr (lighthouse) (207KB) 14. Haramsøya and Løvsøya (505KB) 15. Troll is saying something (214KB) 16. Bird watching dog (240KB) 17. Seagull (55KB) 18. The storm of 1992? (266KB) 19. Confined space (412KB) 20. Jønshornet (78KB) 21. First class .. (83KB) 22. Second class .. (188KB)

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