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Tilremshatten, May 13 2007

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Trip report, Mar 13 2007

This Sunday, I had visited Mosaksla in the morning, and then attended a confirmation the rest of the day. All the cakes at the confirmation party gave me a slight touch of bad concience, and I decided to work them off in the evening.

Tilremshatten was just a few minutes drive away, and by 20:40PM, I was on my way upwards. The ridge was much longer than I expected it to be. In fact, I had expected to be on the top within 15 minutes, but after 15 minutes I was barely half-way.

I could see two other hikers high up on the ridge. Which was not very strange, as it was a very nice evening. All of the mud was a big minus, but it couldn't be helped. I passed the other hikers not too far from the top.

I reached point 315m 21:13PM, took some pictures, then moved over to point 316m. The time was now 21:21PM. Darkness is no concern in northern Norway this time of the year. I could be hiking all night, and why wasn't I?

Because of beer. I had a COLD six-pack back at the house, and it was highly deserved after the long drive (675Km) from Ålesund, a scary moose encounter, a long confirmation day and two new tops. All in 48 hours.

I chatted some with the other hikers before heading down 21:30PM. I was jogging light down the mountain and was back at the trailhead 21:52PM. The quest for new Helgeland tops continued the next day with Kjøsvikfjellet

Pictures from the May 13 2007 trip

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To Tilremshatten

0. My GPS tracks (288KB) 1. The trailhead (401KB) 2. View down towards the trailhead (265KB) 3. View up the ridge (254KB) 4. A hole through the ridge (288KB) 5. The hole is fenced in (280KB)

Wide-angle view from Tilremshatten

6. Wide-angle view from Tilremshatten (935kB)

50mm views from Tilremshatten

7. 50mm view from Tilremshatten (1140KB) 8. 50mm view from Tilremshatten (370KB)

Other pics from Tilremshatten

9. Torghatten seen from Tilremshatten (173kB) 10. Ocean glow (78KB) 11. On point 316m (187KB) 12. Mosfjellet/Mosaksla (194KB) 13. Leka seen from Tilremshatten (107KB) 14. Brønnøysund and Torghatten (390KB)


15. A hare near the trailhead (395KB)

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