Tronden (Tron), 1665m

Mountain area : Alvdal
Fylke/Kommune : Hedmark/Alvdal
Maps : 1619-III Alvdal (Statens Kartverk, Norge 1:50 000)
Primary Factor: 1008m
Hiked : June 2003
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Tronden seen from Storsolnkletten

Tronden seen from Storsølnkletten


Tronden is located near Alvdal, and is highly accessible for most people. A toll road runs to the summit. This is the 2nd highest road in Norway, approx 10Km long. The common hiking route to the top starts from Tronsvangen, follows a trail up a ridge, and hike the final distance along the road. Tronden is a massive mountain, and the views from the top are unobscured. From the summit, you will recognize familiar mountains, such as Snøhetta, Rondane mountains, Storsølnkletten and Rendalssølen.

Those familiar with the mountain have perhaps already made a mental note of that the 1665m height (above) is wrong. I agree that the general opinion is that the mountain is 1666m above sea level. But as I do on all these mountain pages, I conform to the map heights given on the M711 map series.

Tronden is located in Alvdal Kommune, but is not the highest peak in Alvdal Kommune. The Alvdal/Tynset Kommune border runs just east of the high summit, and as such, the eastern 1652m point is the highest point in Tynset Kommune.

You will find two towers on Tronden. One is built for radio, TV and communications (built in 1959), while the other is a radar installation for civial air traffic surveillance. You will also find a memorial of indian munk (Baral) that lived at Tronsvangen in the years 1917-1945. His real name was Sri Ananda Acharya, and is buried on the mountain. You will see the sign "Baral's grav" on your hike.

Primary Factor

Source: Petter Bjørstads list of mountains in Norway with PF > 1000m.

Primary factor: 1008m.
Saddle:The saddle is near Gammeldalsvangan, Gammeldalen drains north and Brydalen drains south. On the 20 meter contour map, the 660 m contour runs through this saddle. On the 5 meter contour map, the 655 meter contour turns back on either side, while the 660 meter still goes through. Thus, interpolation gives a saddle value of 658 meter.
On the list of Norwegian mountains with a primary factor of more than 1000m, Tronden ranks as #80.

Trail descriptions:

Note: Class ratings are in reference to YDS (Yosemite Decimal System).

Tronden can be reached via several routes. The below route is the common route to the summit.

Tronsvangen - Tronden (all seasons)

Difficulty : Class 1
Comments : See route description
Distance : Approx. 4,5Km to summit
Time : Approx. 2-3 hours to summit
Starting Elev.: Approx. 800m
Vertical Gain : Approx. 865m

Map of the area
Map of the area
Detailed map
Detailed map


From Alvdal, follow signs to Tronsvangen and Tronfjellsvegen and park on a large parking area on your right.

The route

Follow the Tronfjellsvegen upwards until you reach a distinct ridge that starts by the road. Follow a visible trail up this ridge. The trail runs near Sørkletten and eventually joins Tronfjellsvegen road. Follow the road to the summit.

Trip Report June 09 2003.

This was our third, and last day in the Nord-Østerdalen area. We had successfully climbed Storsølnkletten and Rendalssølen. Only Tronden was yet to do before we headed back to Bergen. It started raining the night before, and we woke up to a low cloudbase and rain. It didn't really matter. It would be a quick hike on road/trail anyway. We drove up to the trailhead, and just as we started hiking at 07:40AM, we saw a trailsign towards Tronden. This was not quite according to plan. The trail was supposed to begin further up the road. But we assumed this was a brand new trail, and followed a road going west, past the Tronsvangen cabins.

After a good while of hiking towards the west, on a perfectly good trail, it was obvious that this trail was not leading to Tronden. We were now just south of Nordkletten, at approx. 800m. We decided to "just get on the mountain" and made our way through forest and steep hillsides. It was a cumbersome ascent to approx. 1000m before we found a vague path on Nordkletten's east side. We also passed Mellomkletten before we crossed the stream and took a direct northbound route towards Tronden.

At approx. 1400m, we entered fog and when we reached the summit at approx. 10:00AM, the view was indeed limited. After just a few minutes we went down to the mountain road and followed it to Flattronden before we left the road and got on the ridge towards Tronsvangen. We found it odd that we couldn't see the trail from the road. We hiked for a while down the grassy hill and after a while, the trail suddenly appeared. We reached the trailhead at 11:00AM and began the journey southbound. I dropped off Petter at Oslo airport Gardermoen (as he was still in transit from Germany ..), then continued to Oslo to pick up the dog, before I took on the 530Km drive from Oslo to Bergen. I arrived Bergen just past midnight. A little dizzy after the long day.

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