Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Blindheimsfjellet (Høgkubben), June 6 2006

This route is described as route 9 on the Uksenøya main page.

I did this hike with Jostein Hustadnes, recently featured in the local press for his passion for the local mountains. Jostein contacted me via e-mail, having come upon my web-site. After exchanging e-mails back and forth, we agreed to meet and do a hike together. The natural choice was of course Blindheimsfjellet, a mountain providing the every-day recreation for Jostein.

We headed out from Blindheim 16:55PM and followed the well worn path towards Høgkubben (the name the Blindheimsfjellet high point is known by) for a lttle while. I walked this path last winter and was stunned when I discovered a "corridor" leading over 2Km up to Høgkubben. My 23cm high dog had no problems walking all the way, thanks to the excellent path (see winter pics here). If you've followed this path in winter, send a warm thought to the "caretaker" Jostein.

We moved onto a smaller forest path approx. 100m after passing a nestbox ("fuglekasse" in Norwegian). This path led us to the viewpoint above the cliff Ramsskredhammaren, a fine viewpoint, and a neat place if you want to practice abseiling.

  Jostein Hustadnes (born 1930) started his mountaineering carreer fairly late, at age 59. He seems to be born with an exceptional head for heights and a great passion for his local mountain - Høgkubben. He had visited the mountain more then 1300 times before we went up together. Before moving from Skodje to Ålesund, he visited the mountain Nihusen 1761 times (!).

Jostein's trips extend outside the Ålesund region. He has been (per date) to Lauparen 18 times, Kvitnyken 12 times, Trolltinden 29 times, Sprovstinden 18 times, and Storfjellet (Haram) 29 times Reinsfjellet on nord-Møre has been visited 90 times, just to name a few mountains.

He has also traversed airy sections such as Tindfjellaksla and Bergetindane, without apparently, "considering his future", as we say when the going gets tough. Let's hope Jostein can enjoy many more fine years in the mountains. If you meet an old man with a stick, on Høgkubben, two decades from now, ask him if his name is Jostein.

The path continued across a meadow where Jostein had put rocks in place. The rocks hadn't come for free, and had to be carried from a different part of the forest.

Later on, we merged with the main path and reached Høgkubben 18:10PM. My dog "Troll" kept us company and presented himself from his best side, now that we had company. "His best side" in this context, means walking. Normally, he sits down at the trailhead, only to annoy me to death.

After enjoying the views, we descended along a path north of the main path. This path took us to the Liaaenhytta cabin before we took a detour to the Svarthammaren viewpoint. We returned to the main path and were back at the Blindheim trailhead 19:25PM. Thanks to Jostein for a nice hike, his effort as the "path janitor" and his stories from various mountains in the county.


Pictures from the hike

1. We ascended red+blue, descended magenta+red (252KB) 2. Jostein and Troll (456KB) 3. Jostein on top of Ramsskredhammaren (338KB) 4. Blindheim seen from Ramsskredhammaren (497KB) 5. Soccer-field (265KB) 6. A tidy trail (378KB) 7. Sea view from Høgkubben (123KB)

50mm panoramas from Høgkubben, 2 parts

8. 50mm panorama from Høgkubben, part 1/2 (1011KB) 9. 50mm panorama from Høgkubben, part 2/2 (1137KB)

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