Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Akslanakken from Reitane, Dec 17 2006

This route is described as route 12 on the Uksenøya main page.

The weather didn't tempt me to visit the high mountains this Sunday, and I settled for exercising the dog, as well as visiting a new point on Emblemsfjellet (the common name for the part of Uksenøya facing south). I drove to Reitane and was granted convenient parking by a nice farmer, and by 13:05PM, were on our way.

I decided to visit Akslanakken first, and exercise the dog later on. We walked until the terrain leveled out at 210m, then I put the dog in the backpack and headed off-trail towards Akslanakken. The steep ridge looked fun and I wasn't convinced that I would find a route up to the ridge. But once I got close enough, a perfect route presented itself.

Once on the ridge, I got the summit ridge in view. I crossed the small forest and found another convenient route up the ridge, which was even steeper than the first one. My choice of route led me directly up to the unmarked high point, which I reached 14:00PM.

Trees blocked for a panorama view, and I gave up finding a good place to take pictures from. I stopped by point 343m (also unmarked) before I took the same route back down to the forest road.

The dog ("Troll") was let out of the backpack, and we walked the snowy forest road up to Austreimsætra. The time was now 15:00PM, and evening was coming along fast. We were back at Reitane 15:40PM, just after dark, and had completed a 9,1Km nice roundtrip.

Pictures from the hike

To Akslanakken

1. Leaving Reitane (241KB) 2. The tree is called Apeskrekk in Norwegian (208KB) 3. Akslanakken (205KB) 4. The road to Austreimsætra (264KB) 5. Heading for the ridge (306KB) 6. Bohemian waxwings (Sidensvans), and quite a number of them (294KB) 7. Following the skiing track for a while (252KB) 8. A quite friendly ridge, after all (287KB) 9. The summit ridge (260KB)

Views from Akslanakken

10. View from Akslanakken (506KB) 11. View from Akslanakken (693KB) 12. Sykkylven (307KB) 13. View from Akslanakken point 343m (1027KB) 14. A natural face (254KB)

Towards Austreimsætra

15. View towards Sætrevatnet (256KB) 16. Leaving Akslanakken behind (446KB) 17. Vassnakken (193KB) 18. Austreimsætra (218KB) 19. View from Austreimsætra (466KB) 20. Troll at Austreimsætra (239KB) 21. Heading home (160KB)

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