Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Goldtheiane from Brusdalen, Dec 23 2006

This route is described as route 13 on the Uksenøya main page.

Goldtheiane seen just one week earlier

Goldtheiane seen just one week earlier

You don't exactly get the Christmas feeling when rainshowers don't let you see across Ellingsøyfjorden. Nor the fact that the 900-1000m mountains beyond hardly have any snow left. There is something strange when you wake up to 8-10 deg. C. the day before Christmas. Last night I almost went nuts before going to bed. The bedroom window was open, and the lamp was on. 15-20 mosquitos had found their spot on wall, ready for a good night's sleep. Easy targets...

This morning had an exceptional start to it. A white-tailed eagle circled around above my front-yard. Perhaps 5m up in the air. What is the attraction? My little dachshund, or the fox that I see every so often nearby the house? Hmm.. spooky. Calls for caution.

It was on-duty day, so I had limited options for a hike. I decided to explore the forest at the eastern end of Lake Brusdalsvatnet. I had noticed a forest road there, and from time to time - parked cars. Perhaps I would make it all the way to Goldtheiane, if I didn't run into too many obstacles. I was .. somewhat .. on my way to Goldtheiane one week earlier. After having visited Akslanakken, I headed up to Austreimsætra - 1Km southwest of Goldtheiane. But I was running out of daylight and decided to turn around. There was fresh snow in the forest one week ago. Now it was all gone.

The dog and I left the trailhead 12:35PM. It was raining, of course. Just like it has been all through November and December. I was somewhat disappointed to learn that the tractor road only lasted 400m. Which meant that Troll looked at the boggy path, then looked at me, and his "carry me" look was unmistakable.

Overall, it wasn't hard to follow the forest path. At Øvrestølen, we joined a proper forest road, and Troll could walk again. But only for 500m, up to road end. The path to Vallesætra was extremely boggy, and as daylight diminished by the minute, I decided to carry Troll and keep up the pace. At Vallesætra, I left the path and headed directly up to the top, which I reached 14:00PM. The views were fairly OK, and there were not too many trees obscuring the views.

After scaring off a lone deer, I headed eastbound to join the path from Austreimsætra. I should have descended my ascent route instead, but eventually, I found the path. Now that I had control of the time, and since the pictures had been taken, I could let Troll walk a bit on the forest path. We took the same route back to the trailhead, which we reached 15:10PM.

Pictures from the hike

To Goldtheiane

1. The trailhead (250KB) 2. Tractor road, lasting just a little while (293KB) 3. Passing lake Ørnakktjønna (258KB) 4. Passing Øvrestølen (204KB) 5. On the forest road from Glomset (254KB) 6. End of the forest road (262KB) 7. Trolls play golf here (310KB) 8. Not exactly a raging river (338KB) 9. Vallesætra (210KB) 10. Vallesætra (253KB) 11. Rock-face (300KB)

Views from Goldtheiane

12. Wide-angle view from Goldtheiane (788KB) 13. Skopphornet (147KB) 14. Austreimsætra (245KB)

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