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Høgkubben traverse from/to Eikenos, Oct 4 2007

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The route seen from the air

A nice evening round trip hike across Høgkubben, together with my colleague Terje and my dog Troll.

To Høgkubben

We drove RV60 towards Magerholm, and turned left at the Eikenos road sign. We then drove the Eikenos road 1,6Km upwards - to the parking at 190m elevation (UTM 32 V 366729 6925844). After 100m on the forest road to Lake Røssevollsvatnet, we turned left onto a forest path, just before the first acre on the left-hand side. This path forks after a little while, and we turned right.

Then followed a steep forest ascent up to the Bjønnalågen cabin. We visited the viewpoint west of Bjønnalågen, where we found a stiff bear (UTM 32 V 366412 6926041). Bring your kids to this place. They'll love it.

We then proceeded down to Byteelva, and passed two cabins before we joined the forest road from Blindheim. After a little while, this road turned into a forest path which led us up to Høgkubben (450m), not to be confused with Høgekubben, 462m and 3,4Km further east. We left the Eikenos trailhead 15:45PM and reached Høgkubben 17:28PM, after spending some time at Bjønnalågen.

To Eikenos

The direct route from Høgkubben to Lake Røssevollsvatnet is straight east, but the mountain path runs northeast to Lake Blindheimsvatnet, and then southeast to Røssevollsvatnet. At Blindheimsvatnet, you'll see the Bigtonhytta/Høgkubben traill junction. Turn right (southeast) here.

The path took us down to Røssevollsvatnet, which we crossed in the middle, across the dam. We then followed the forest road back to the trailhead, which we reached 18:30PM.

This was the fourth time I had taken the route via Bjønnalågen. The first two times were after-dark, mid-winter, and the third was in thick fog. As such, it was nice to finally do this great round trip and get some views while at it. Terje and Troll were good company, and Terje's (very young) kids have already taken fancy on the route to Bjønnalågen.

Pictures from the Oct 4 2007 hike


Google map:   Map of the route
  0. Map of the route (216KB)

Early morning

1. Ellingsøyfjorden, early morning (114KB)

To Bjønnalågen

2. Leaving the trailhead (421KB) 3. The road to Røssevollsvatnet (489KB) 4. On the path to Bjønnalågen (496KB) 5. On the path to Bjønnalågen (354KB) 6. The Bjønnalågen bear (422KB) 7. Kids playground (399KB) 8. Bjønnalågen view (475KB) 9. Buddy Troll is in and out of the backpack (380KB) 10. Colorful sky (175KB) 11. Sukkertoppen and Godøya (96KB)

To Høgkubben

12. The Bjønnalågen cabin (412KB) 13. The cabin by Byteelva (359KB) 14. Joining the forest road from Blindheim (478KB) 15. On the forest road from Blindheim (421KB) 16. On forest path towards Høgkubben (344KB) 17. Gamlemsveten and fog (125KB) 18. Content-rich sky (241KB) 19. The circular viewfinder on Høgkubben (245KB) 20. The circular viewfinder (257KB)

To Røssevollsvatnet

21. Molladalstindane (122KB) 22. Urfjellet in Sykkylven (151KB) 23. Terje and Troll (214KB) 24. Me in front of Blindheimsvatnet (276KB) 25. On the way to Røssevollsvatnet (283KB) 26. Eikenossæter (280KB) 27. Røssevollsvatnet (160KB) 28. Røssevollsvatnet (189KB) 29. Røssevollsvatnet (571KB)

Sunset pics, on the way home

30. Sunset (142KB) 31. Sunset (122KB) 32. Sunset (121KB)

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