Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Meraftafjellet roundtrip, May 28 2008

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Parts of the route

Parts of the route
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Late May was a splendid ..

weather period. Infact, most of the spring has been wonderful. Åsmund invited me for a evening walk, and we decided on Meraftafjellet. The "only" route I hadn't done yet, was the forest road between Vallesætra to Glomset. We drove two cars, parked one at Glomset and then drove to Honningsvågen, where we began the hike. The rest of the group counted Ronja (Åsmund's dog) and Troll, my little aging buddy. The drive from Glomset to Honningsvågen is only 1Km, but when you have 2 grown persons, 1 small dog and 1 big Rottweiler (which have been idle all day..) in a 2-seat sportscar, 1Km is actually a long distance..

When Ronja was a puppy, she was terrified of Troll. The laughs we had! Later on, she learned that she could bug Troll and get away with it. On this hike, I was prepared to intervene if she continued to treat Troll like a football. But there was nothing to worry about. Ronja remained a good girl throughout the hike.

We followed the trade route ..

up Meraftafjellet's east ridge. Troll was of course carried to the top. He was way too old to take on this forest route. It took us less than 1,5 hours to reach the top where we hung out for a while. It was a brilliant afternoon. Colors in all shades painted a pretty picture of the Storfjorden region.


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Having agreed to descend via Vallesætra, we had to find a way down. A direct route is often the best, and after walking and scrambling down the forest, we joined the valley path halfway between Svartevatnet and Vallesætra.

If it hadn't been for good company, the 3,7Km walk along the forest road would have been unbearable. I've now walked it, and I'll never walk it again. It was boring, but the upside was that Troll got himself a good walk. We reached the other car at Glomset 20:20PM. 3h:10m after leaving the first car.

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The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 300D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6


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To Meraftafjellet

0. Trip tracks 1. Demmingsvatna 2. Storfjorden view 3. Sandvikshornet 4. Urfjellet and Hammarsettindane 5. Ronja and Åsmund 6. Ronja and Åsmund on Meraftafjellet 7. Troll and Ronja

85mm zoom view from Meraftafjellet

8. 85mm zoom view from Meraftafjellet

More pics from the top + descent

9. Ronja 10. Lake Langevatnet 11. Storfjellet 12. Vassnakken 13. Descending to Vallesætra 14. Vallesætra 15. Steep descent at times 16. On the forest road

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