Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Ursfjellet (Vasstrandfjellet), May 22 2008

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A nice afternoon on Uksenøya

A nice afternoon on Uksenøya
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The main purpose of this trip ...

was to take a closer look at the Skodje/Ålesund border. A few days earlier, I suddenly began to wonder if this odd border (the border runs less than 100m west of Ursfjellet summit. Why?) was intentional or if there could be a map error. I had been on Ursfjellet several times before, but had either not a) seen any signs of a border because of snow, or b) not paid enough attention. Along for the hike came my friend Per and Troll - my (late) four-legged buddy. We took the usual route from Vasstranda, via Langevatnet.

The pace was lazy and we just enjoyed the nice afternoon. Troll found new strengths now that I had brought a hiking buddy, and although his best mountain days were behind him, he did his very best to keep up. Little did I know that one month later, on the same day, Troll would no longer be around.

There was no map error

The border was as clear as the day. A long chain of rocks marked the municipality border between Skodje and Ålesund. I must have crossed these rocks several times, but had never noticed them. Although the border runs where it runs for a reason, I dislike these odd borders. Why couldn't it just run across the summit? In any case, the research mission was successful. The question had been answered. We continued up to the summit and enjoyed the nice views, although most of the higher peaks were hidden in clouds.

Per very much enjoyed the hike too, and this was his first visit to Ursfjellet (he's new in the Ålesund region, just like me). We had a lazy descent until Per realized that he had the only keys to the house. His wife was (impatiently, I presume) waiting outside. We then increased the pace a notch. Or two..


The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 300D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6


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To Ursfjellet

0. Trip tracks 1. On the road to Langevatnet 2. At Langevatnet 3. Sykkylven peaks 4. The Ålesund region 5. On Vasstrandfjellet 6. Nice light 7. The border has been found 8. The Skodje - Ålesund border

Views from Ursfjellet

9. Wide-angle view from Ursfjellet 10. 66mm zoom view from Ursfjellet 11. 66mm zoom view from Ursfjellet 12. Skodjebruene (the Skodje bridges)


13. Høgekubben 14. Descending from Ursfjellet 15. Descending from Ursfjellet 16. Langevatnet 17. Weather is changing

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