Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Ålesund by night (from Høgelia), Jan 5 2006

This route is described as route 4 on the Uksenøya main page.

Høgelia - the western tip of Blindheimsfjellet has become my regular evening hike. This evening, I brought a tripod and captured the Ålesund region after dark.

Also see this page for daylight views from Høgelia.

Pictures from the hike

1. On the way up the downhill slope (182KB) 2. Shadows in the slope (176KB) 3. The moon and the Xmas tree on top (40KB) 4. Moon above Høgelia (136KB) 5. Ålesund view from Høgelia (714KB) 6. Stormoa seen from Høgelia (312KB) 7. Ålesund view from Høgelia (161KB) 8. Spjelkavik store seen from Høgelia (149KB) 9. Ålesund view from Høgelia (827KB) 10. Ålesund view from Høgelia (371KB) 11. Xmas tree on top of Høgelia (95KB)

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