Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Spjelkavikfjellet traverse, Jan 28 2006

This route is described as route 6 on the Uksenøya main page.

This Saturday started out with a very unclear weather situation. I cancelled my plans to ski Frostadtinden and chose to go to Spjelkavikfjellet instead. I had some research to do here, and I needed daylight.

My original plan was to ascend Spjelkavikfjellet via a gully that was heading straight up to the summit point. Once I got this route in closer view, it seemed that it was best to postpone my attempt until the spring/summer. I saw a lot of ice and the route was indeed steep. As my eyes wandered about, I noticed a potential route from the same starting point, that would take me further west on the mountain. I couldn't see the entire route, but had a feeling that it would be an OK route.

10:20AM, I headed upwards with my dog "Troll" in the backpack. It was raining slightly. I had brought my ice-axe, which came in very handy. There was nothing difficult about the forest, other than hundreds of awkward and long steps from one turf to the next. I headed directly for the steep cliffs I had above me, and turned right once I got there. After having passed the cliffs, I was now in the upper Spjelkavikfjellet forest and could head directly eastbound towards the summit. I passed the gully that was the original plan, and it was confirmed that it was wise not to ascend here now.

By the time I started the final ascent, the weather shifted dramatically. Whether the weather (!) changed, or if the weather was different at this elevation, I don't know. But the wind had turned into gale strength and it was pouring down. I reached the summit 11:30AM and found no shelter behind the small summit cairn. Taking pictures was difficult, as the lens got wet immediately.

The plan all along had been to descend via the Vasstranda - Langevatnet forest road, and I chose to stick with the plan. Troll seemed very eager to walk and once I pointed out the route to him, he took off. We headed across the easternmost top before we started descending towards the forest road. Once we left the upper mountain, the wind was much calmer. Earlier in the day, I had noticed that all high mountains had fog on top, regardless of their elevation. This was true for Skopphornet (1226m) as well as Grøtshornet (663m), 24,5Km apart. The conclusion was that a small piece of shitty weather was "riding" all tops, and that was what I had been experiencing on Spjelkavikfjellet.

The forest road from Langevatnet was very icy, and one long section had nothing but blue ice to offer. Troll was onto "something" and kept a fast pace down the forest road. Every now and then he resembled "Bambi on ice" before ending up in the ditch outside the road.

We had 1,2Km of walking on the Vasstrandvegen road before we were back at the car. I noticed that there were dozens of signs along the road. It seemed like every 10 square meter had a name. 12:40PM, we reached the car, soaking wet.

Pictures from the hike

To Spjelkavikfjellet

1. In the cumbersome forest (223KB) 2. Steep cliffs above (340KB) 3. Below the cliffs (280KB) 4. On the mountain (297KB) 5. The summit comes into view (198KB) 6. View from Spjelkavikfjellet (235KB) 7. Below the summit (232KB) 8. Spjelkavikfjellet summit (147KB)

On the summit & Descent

9. Troll on Spjelkavikfjellet (221KB) 10. Limited views on Spjelkavikfjellet (200KB) 11. Ursfjellet and Høgkubben seen from Spjelkavikfjellet (394KB) 12. One of many signs along Vasstrandvegen (304KB) 13. Part of my ascent route (269KB)


14. Passing -Turheisa- (256KB) 15. Spjelkavikfjellet summit (115KB) 16. Swans on Brusdalsvatnet (178KB) 17. Ducks on Brusdalsvatnet (196KB) 18. Ducks on Brusdalsvatnet (157KB)

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