Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Blindheimsfjellet, Mar 11 2006

This route is described as route 9 on the Uksenøya main page.

This was just a nice evening walk after visiting Høgsvora earlier in the day. This is VERY nice forest walk with stunning views when you reach the top. I strongly recommend this trip. This was the third time I visited Blindheimsfjellet's high point, but the first time in daylight. It won't be the last.

Pictures from the hike

1. Blindheim traihead (284KB) 2. Stubborn dog (182KB) 3. Broken trail (242KB) 4. Heading out of the forest (217KB) 5. The top of Blindheimsfjellet (96KB) 6. 180-degrees panorama from Blindheimsfjellet (1363KB) 7. Storfjorden view from Blindheimsfjellet (997KB) 8. Ålesund seen from Blindheimsfjellet (464KB)

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