Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Røssevollsvatnet, Apr 27 2006

This route is described as route 10 on the Uksenøya main page.

This was supposed to be a hike up to Blindheimsfjellet, but because of rotten snow and an incredible unmotivated dog, I turned around at the lake. I followed the forest path from Ivar Aasen hytta, instead of the service road. I will redo this hike when the snow has gone.

Pictures from the hike


1. The trailhead & parking area (353KB) 2. Rainshower further west (145KB) 3. Sykkylven (131KB) 4. Langenestinden hidden in clouds (105KB) 5. On the service road (387KB) 6. On the forest path (330KB) 7. The incredible wet forest path (473KB) 8. Røssevollsvatnet (560KB)


9. Ivar Aasen hytta (325KB) 10. Blåtind on Hareidlandet (112KB) 11. Festøykollen (126KB) 12. Cool scenery (120KB) 13. Sykkylven (155KB) 14. Skopphornet (119KB)

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