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Ulriken & Haugavarden Photos, 31.12.03 thru 22.02.04

Ulriken hike New Year's Eve 2003

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1. Moon above Ulriken (94KB) 2. Bergen view from Langrinden trail (218KB) 3. The Ulriken tower (73KB) 4. View from the tower (442KB) 5. Uskedalen mountains seen from Ulriken (112KB) 6. A happy dog on Ulriken (75KB) 7. Happy New Year! (62KB) 8. Bergen view from Ulriken (262KB)

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Haugavarden hike, 01.01.04

This hike started from the Sedalen trailhead 13:05PM. I followed the mountain service to road end and took a direct route up the Vasslifjellet east ridge towards the Gimle cabin. Then took a direct course towards Haugavarden and passed just south of Turnerhytten. I reached Haugavarden summit 14:45PM. The snow was insignificant, but the wind was very strong and cold. This was the first time I had to put clothing on the dog in the backpack. I was running out of daylight, and took the same route back to Sedalen. Due to an exceptional quick descent from Vasslifjellet, I reached the trailhead 15:30PM.

Pictures from the 01.01.04 hike:

1. Sedalen trailhead (145KB) 2. The trail from Sedalen (139KB) 3. View from Vasslifjellet (801KB) 4. The Landaasfjellet plateau (636KB) 5. View from Turnerhytten (704KB) 6. Byfjellene high point (553KB) 7. Sunset over Haugavarden (157KB) 8. Summit view from Haugavarden (584KB) 9. Gullfjellet view from Haugavarden (463KB) 10. More sunset (74KB)

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Evening hike, Ulriken, 14.01.04

1. Bergen view from Ulriken (461KB) 2. Ulriken tower (46KB) 3. Horizontal snowdrift on Ulriken (92KB) 4. Horizontal snowdrift on Ulriken (84KB)

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Misc. Pictures 22.02.04

1. Byfjellene seen from Nesttun (206KB) 2. Ulriken massif seen from Nesttun (159KB) 3. On the way up Ulriken (197KB) 4. Troll having a good time (226KB) 5. The tower in fair distance (145KB) 6. Moesnuken (Os) seen from Ulriken (181KB) 7. Bergen view from Ulriken (177KB)

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