Veslefjellet, 1743m

Mountain area: Jotunheimen

Map: 1618 I Vågå (Statens Kartverk, Norge 1:50 000)

Map: Turkart Jotunheimen (Statens Kartverk, 1:100 000)


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My friend Lars on
top of Veslefjellet

On highway 51 between Fagernes and Vågå, exit towards Gjendesheim tourist centre. You will find parking here.

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The trail begins by the parking. The trail is well marked with red T's. (T=tourist route). The first part of the ascent is steep. Once you reach Velløyfti, the rest of the trail towards the summit is an easy hike. Total time up: 2-3 hours.
Veslefjellet map

Veslefjellet is the highest point on the famous Besseggen trail, running from Gjendesheim to Gjendebu, on the west side of lake Gjende. Besseggen is a narrow ridge at the south end of lake Bessvatnet. The trail continues to the Memurubu tourist hut and over the Memurutunga plateau before it descends down to lake Gjende down through Bukkelægret and ends at Gjendebu. You will never be alone on this trail on any given summer day.

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