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Vikenakken from Vikesetra, Aug 26 2007

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Torill and I had just visited Nakken (Rauma), and now we were on our way to Vikenakken (Vestnes). Two low forest necks on a bad weather day was OK utilization.

From Nakken, we could see several forest roads high on Vikenakken. The question was where they began. As it was raining, I decided to pick a random house, ring the doorbell and ask for a good route to Vikenakken. The couple that opened the door seemed surprised about having a dripping wet guy at their front door, speaking Oslo dialect, And on a Sunday.

Be careful what you ask for - you just might get an answer is a motto that I live by, when I'm on the road. This couple was very helpful, but as they talked simultaneously about paths and forest roads, it went over my head. But I made a mental note about the word Vikesætra. I thanked them for their help and told them that I was heading for Vikesætra. They asked me where I was from. I guess they're not used to wet people ringing their doorbell on Sundays.

Vikesætra was not the place I had in mind as the trailhead, but right now, I just wanted to get away from the forest road/trail/path confusion at Hjelvikbukta. We then drove towards Tresfjord and got on the signed road to Vikesætra. The couple said that there was no path from Vikesætra, but the forest road would take us up the lower forest.

After driving 2,4Km on the Vikesætra road, we arrived the parking area and were ready to go hiking 14:25PM. As expected, it was still raining. We walked the road up to Vikesætra, where a small herd of horses were observing the new visitors. I hadn't expected to find horses up here, but I enjoy watching mares with their foals. Grace, tender and care in a beautiful mix.

The path towards Vikesætra was easy to follow, although we made a wrong turn in high grass close to the top. Arriving the summit plateau was surt - a good Norwegian word for an unpleasant weather condition. We didn't stay longer than strictly necessary before turning around. Like on Nakken, Troll was extremely eager to get down from the mountain, probably visualizing his warm and comfy nest behind the seats.

We were back at the trailhead 15:20PM. In sum, we had spent part of this day good; two new tops in two different municipalities. The weather forecast had promised pouring rain at this time of the day, and the forecast was right. Fortunately, we were now inside a warm car. The dog had entered full circle position, recycling the warm air in a way that isn't appealing to us humans. In any case, chainsaw sounds suggested that he was comfortable back there.

Pictures from the Aug 26 2007 trip

To Vikenakken

1. Vikesetra trailhead (314KB) 2. Passing Vikesetra (276KB) 3. Hello, horses (340KB) 4. Across the meadow near Vikesetra (255KB) 5. Useful instructions (404KB) 6. Did you bring waffles? (403KB) 7. Stølane cabins below Helsetnakken (262KB) 8. More cabins on the route to Vikenakken (365KB) 9. Antenna on the summit plateau (255KB) 10. Vikenakken high point (588KB)


11. Descending Vikenakken (160KB) 12. Hard stommach? (365KB) 13. Troll, meet the horses. Horses, meet Troll (369KB)

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