Site change log

Changes not announced on the front page:

15.05.13 Rewrote Holstadhornet page
17.04.13 Sogndal municipality page
16.04.13 Grøndalsfjellet got new PF (402m)
16.04.13 Finnbunuten got new height (1357m) and new PF (404m)
15.04.13 Gloppen municipality page
19.10.12 At last - Kristiansund page is updated. Added Lågfjellet to mountain list.
12.05.12 Added Høgsæterrørene to Skodje kommune
21.03.12 Added Vågsøy municipality
12.01.12 Added Bukkedalstinden to the Ørsta list of peaks
25.07.11 The "All tops" map now has all my tops, and not only those who have a link to a page.
20.06.11 Hasty change of search engine because of some problems Google caused..
22.03.11 Created frontpage slideshow
04.10.10 Corrected height and pf for Solbakkafjellet
19.12.10 Added Kamben to Ørsta list
30.11.10 Lots of flower updates
23.11.10 Added 3 books in the Scrapbook Books section.
26.10.10 Finally completed top 10 for 2009
04.10.10 Corrected height and pf for Kuftofjell
02.10.10 "In a hurry?" section added to Ørsta page
15.09.10 Added 3 entries in the scrapbook. Last pictures under "Pictures used in Press/Magazines"
31.08.10 Added Tora's diploma to the Hjelmen trip report
25.08.10 Changed S. Gullfjellstoppen's primary factor
11.08.10 Lots of flower updates
27.06.10 Added two tops missing on lists; Akslahornet (Ørsta) and Høglia (Nesset)
11.03.10 Server crash at the web hotel. Westcoastpeaks is now fully restored.
20.10.09 Music: Cleaned up broken links
05.10.09 Scrapbook: Snowheads & Molde Bymuseum links, bottom right.
04.10.09 Added Taksetnakken, Vanylven
02.06.09 Scrapbook: A few entries at the bottom of the page
08.05.09 Redesigned list of visited mountains.
17.04.09 Upgraded the flower page.
09.04.09 Added Åsefjellet page
28.01.09 Added Moments 2009
16.01.09 Added 50m pf tops for Ulstein
16.01.09 Added 50m pf tops for Hareid
16.01.09 Added 50m pf tops for Herøy
02.01.09 Added Sande list of pf tops >50m <100m. (10 tops)
31.12.08 Added 10 pictures from the Bergen After Dark Gallery (from top of page)
31.12.08 Launched "Top 10 hikes 2008" page
31.12.08 Added Herøy list of pf tops >50m <100m. (17 tops)
31.12.08 Changed Nausthornet to Naushornet on all lists
31.12.08 Launched Frøystadtua - Herøy.
30.12.08 Launched Eggesbøsteinen - Herøy.
30.12.08 Launched After Dark Gallery
28.12.08 Scrapbook: One new entry ("Misc", bottom right)
27.12.08 Launched Moon Gallery
20.12.08 Launched Rambjøra - Herøy.
08.12.08 Scrapbook: Two new entries; bottom left and bottom right
07.12.08 Scrapbook: Jønshornet, bottom right.
06.12.08 Scrapbook: Skårasalen. Last entry under "Newspaper Press"
29.11.08 Scrapbook: Rica Seilet, bottom left.
25.10.08 Expanded music picks to Top 30
18.10.08 Added Top 20 music picks
17.10.08 Sunrise picture not published in any trip report
04.10.08 Havsteinen removed after a short stay on the front page
04.10.08 Aerial: 4 Folgefonna pics
03.10.08 Ulriken 2008 pics.
28.09.08 Launched Ørnebakken - high point Giske
27.09.08 Launched Web statistics page, located on Personal Pages
08.09.08 Updates on the flower page
13.07.08 Updated mountainsbyheight and mountainsbypf. Added links to mountain pages.
07.05.08 Added the Skolefjellet page
07.05.08 Added 3 faces from Apr 17 to Faces.
05.05.08 Added the Storhaugen page
05.05.08 Made list of Ålesund 50m pf tops.
03.04.08 Added terrain option for all google maps.
20.03.08 Indtroduced flash slideshow on the Nihusen trip report.
12.03.08 Updated Leinehornet page w/Leinebjørnen info.
23.02.08 Updated Klausethornet page w/Blåhammaren info.
17.01.08 5 pics from Sukkertoppen
08.01.08 Map of M&R mountain tops
08.01.08 Unofficial list of M&R mountain tops (by primary factor)
08.01.08 Unofficial list of M&R mountain tops (by height)
03.01.08 2 pics from Høgkubben
30.12.07 All municipality pages now completed. Coming up will be county lists.
29.12.07 Changed the text on top 10 trips 2007. Replaced Saksa with Melen.
29.12.07 Final revision of Ørskog and Ørsta kommune (added intro)
29.12.07 Final revision of Nesset and Norddal kommune (added intro)
24.12.07 Added Top 10 hikes 2007
24.12.07 Two more faces
11.12.07 Pics after Sukkertoppen hike.
08.12.07 Final revision of M&R kommuner G through M.
04.12.07 Updated the M&R main page + final revision of kommuner A through F.
03.12.07 Updated the info page for mountain lists.
02.12.07 Ørsta kommune page completed. M&R now complete. A final, quick revision of all kommuner will now begin.