Google maps

Google maps have, from a look-and-feel point of view, been chosen as the primary source for presenting kommune pages on

The maps are streamed from google, while the overlays (kommune boundaries and peak markers) have been added by You may zoom and pan, switch between hybrid, satellite and map views, click markers, and follow the links, if they are provided.

The markers point to mountains with a primary factor >= 90m, with links to individual mountain pages, if they exist.

A red marker is the normal symbol, while a green marker indicates that the top is among the three highest, either in terms of height, or primary factor.

On some displays, some of the graphics come out wrong. You see black squares instead of the needles. I am trying to figure out how to get around this problem, which seems to be MSIE support for transparent PNG images.

Example, normal view:
Example, hybrid view: